The Chef: Art of Alexis Zopas

The Chef: Art of Alexis Zopas

I was 12 years old or so when I realized I actually loved cooking – growing up at my grandmother's home.  Because of her age, the shortages and difficulties that she had been through in life (the occupation of Greece by the Axis Powers 1941-44) she was amazingly creative. She would do sheer wonders out of a few most basic, simple ingredients. My grandmother and later my mother are my main inspiration.

My first real practical experience with cooking was when I entered the school in 1996. Schooling turned much more fascinating than expected and I decided I should develop my love for cooking and the thrill of it into a profession.

Timeless Groove

Scorpios that Rocks

Nour in the Mix

Nour has been spinning records for years – first to herself, as it goes, searching for a sound that would reverberate with her soul. She ultimately found one in between various genres, modulated by her moods. She connects to music through a myriad of influences originating from her abound personal experiences living in very different cultural and natural environments. Born Palestinian, ever since cosmopolitan... this alone speaks volumes.

Nour emerged as a consummate and inimitable stage identity first in Toronto, her more or less permanent base, then on the international scene through her involvement with a number of momentous and paradigmatic projects. PPP in Tulum (Mexico) is most notably one of them, a Caribbean brainchild of legendary Bar 25/KaterHolzig (once and to be always the case). She has been a resident with the beach club since 2012 – the one-of-a-kind open-plan venue that, through ecstatic reviews in the global Media (from Vogue to Wall Street Journal), has allegedly kick-started the development of the entire area making the small town one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

Since 2014, she has been in charge of the scene at Gitano, another and most recent gypset outpost in Tulum, booking DJs worldwide for her time-off at the decks in the jungle.

Her credo is Deep House and currently she is in the right place with it. In our Aegean seaside house we love it deep. Anything but shallow and fake.