Scorpios: Is What You Make of It

Instead of pitching to the effect Scorpios is absolute the best club in the World, in the Universe... in the Infinity of Space and Eternity of Time, may we just post this one picture we've found on Instagram today, taken by Lorra Inehks, one of our guests with an eye both to the Sublime and good time.

Haven't we just made this grandiose claim, though, anyway? Implicitly. Perhaps even a much stronger one... Let's call it our deep-seated ambition. And it's all in your name, dear supporters.

"Scorpios: Is What You Make of It" series.

Scorpios: Is What You Make of It

Fellow AN!MALs

EuroTella: Best Places

Scorpios: Is What You Make of It


Hashtag search on Scorpios brings us into a closer contact with Marco Verrando, an Italian architect and stellar photographer. He has captured the early morning tranquility of the place so well. Sheer pleasure. You almost breathe these photos. More at instagram/marco_verrando.

Master of the Ceremony: Lum

CEREMONIA528 is a weekly series of events hosted by LUM dedicated to music that is unfolding on the notion that our consciousness, our emotions, our body, as well as the lifeless matter all around us, indeed the entire universe with its planets, stars and black holes is nothing more than vibration of energy. The different rates at which all living entities and inanimate objects vibrate and reverberate with other things are their frequencies. Our brain, a generator of energy but also a receiver, tunes to these pulsations. As a biochemical response to vibes we may feel aroused, alert, concentrated, defused, relaxed, drowsy... Some frequencies exhaust us while some other make us stronger enhancing our well-being, sharpening our senses, stimulating our creativity... With a myriad of frequencies always present and some perceived, the dominant one determines our current mental states, our relation to ourselves, to others, to the world at large, feeling unity with everything and everybody or total detachment and alienation. This way we love or hate or are being indifferent – in cycles of throbbing energy per second. 528Hz is an alleged frequency of affection. Love is LUM's primary sound.

Tune to it tonight from 6PM to 2AM, mastered into the melodic down-tempo mixes by LUM (Maya for EARTH) who – on top of being an original DJ and producer – is a spiritual encounter, a ritual séance for the acquisition of essence, an anthropology, a therapy, a ceremony...