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Is What You Make of It

Scorpios: Is What You Make of It

Instead of pitching to the effect Scorpios is absolute the best club in the World, in the Universe... in the Infinity of Space and Eternity of Time, may we just post this one picture we've found on Instagram today, taken by Lorra Inehks, one of our guests with an eye both to the Sublime and good time.

Haven't we just made this grandiose claim, though, anyway? Implicitly. Perhaps even a much stronger one... Let's call it our deep-seated ambition. And it's all in your name, dear supporters.

"Scorpios: Is What You Make of It" series.

Scorpios: Is What You Make of It

EuroTella: Best Places

Scorpios: Is What You Make of It


Hashtag search on Scorpios brings us into a closer contact with Marco Verrando, an Italian architect and stellar photographer. He has captured the early morning tranquility of the place so well. Sheer pleasure. You almost breathe these photos. More at instagram/marco_verrando.

Symbolism as a Worldview?

So far it has been all about interior/exterior design and social interactivity. Here is a tribute to the vegetation of Scorpios and rocky Mykonos in general. In terms of its flora, let's not pretend the island is tropical Bali, but how meaningful it is nevertheless! And that's all what really matters. Photo taken by our guest Chris Walters, an Australian photographer interested in architecture (and somewhat in agriculture). “Scorpios: Is What You Make of It” series.