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Scorpios: Is What You Make of It

Sunset Ritual with Anané and Louie Vega

A godfather of global dance music, Grammy winner and 4-time nominee as one of the best living house music deejays, Louie Vega keeps evolving alongside the times, distilling the current musical landscape through his unique taste and putting his own timeless spin on it. This perpetual limitless evolution of his genius is most remarkably manifested and accelerated through collaboration with Anané Vega. Sunset Ritual, Anané and Louie's latest album is the first installment of their conjoined musical experience on the decks. On land, Sunset Ritual is a day-into-night conceptual party at beach clubs where both artists perform simultaneously, combining live entertainment from their musical peers to bring their favorite global sounds to the ears of their dancing fans worldwide. In a nutshell, Sunset Ritual is about breaking down musical barriers and bringing people together through a love of music.

Symbolism as a Worldview?

So far it has been all about interior/exterior design and social interactivity. Here is a tribute to the vegetation of Scorpios and rocky Mykonos in general. In terms of its flora, let's not pretend the island is tropical Bali, but how meaningful it is nevertheless! And that's all what really matters. Photo taken by our guest Chris Walters, an Australian photographer interested in architecture (and somewhat in agriculture). “Scorpios: Is What You Make of It” series.

Sunset to Moon Ritual

We love the Sun – as it rises in the east and sets in the west. And so not a bit less we love the Sun well away out of sight in the dark of night – rebounding to us from the Moon. Prepare yourself for it to the max following the Sunset on Thursday, July 2 Starting 6:30PM.

While the new moon phase is alleged to be the time to seed your intentions, the Full Moon urges you to take real steps in that direction – to celebrate your Emergence by dropping your burdensome old skin in favor of identity, behavior, attitude, relationship... anything that elevates you.