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May 2016. Until then!

Dear Friends,

This is to tell you we are closed for the season. Thank you for making the time so special, so exciting and so memorable. For making the project possible! All our effort -- tremendous as it has been -- would be futile without you actively appreciating the results, without you being our guests and supporters, without your good vibes. Thank you for bringing Scorpios to life and breathing so much soul into it!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2016!

The Chef: Art of Alexis Zopas

The Chef: Art of Alexis Zopas

I was 12 years old or so when I realized I actually loved cooking – growing up at my grandmother's home.  Because of her age, the shortages and difficulties that she had been through in life (the occupation of Greece by the Axis Powers 1941-44) she was amazingly creative. She would do sheer wonders out of a few most basic, simple ingredients. My grandmother and later my mother are my main inspiration.

My first real practical experience with cooking was when I entered the school in 1996. Schooling turned much more fascinating than expected and I decided I should develop my love for cooking and the thrill of it into a profession.

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