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Fellow AN!MALs

Raz Ohara: Slowing Things Down

Hailing from Denmark with Berlin as his habitat since the early 90’s, Raz Ohara has been on the scene for decades experimenting with different genres, from hip-hop to techno, before settling in one of his own invention, of an electro-acoustic variety, to a measure influenced by folk and gypsy styles and reflective of his inner universe. Hence, Raz Ohara’s last album, as all his output, is “a record of a certain time in the life of an artist … a mix of different emotions or moods.” Different as these emotions may be to each other, Moksha (LP) manifests a general mood shift in the markedly cerebral direction revealing the musician’s intention to slow things down – if only to be able to appreciate his life more: “I think I just want to find some peace after all. Not trying to push anything, really. To create an atmosphere, a place to be where things can be shared – things we still do care about…”

Auditory getaway to the Unknown

Feathered Sun is a collaborative and principally experimental project implicating a loose number of radiant talents, interconnected as much existentially, being close friends, as spiritually – asserting their metaphysical relation to the Otherworld symbolically centered around the Sun. Feathered Sun is mainly NU, Acid Pauli Chris Schwarzwälder, Raz Ohara, and Jo.Ke.

The output? Rounded as it may be, their music would not fit softly and restfully in any of the categories, piercing the horizons of a few dozen genres. Feathered Sun is predominantly electronic, yet it is emitting energies that you sense to be very human and natural; its warm luminous flux is minimal, while also tremendous; so real and so hallucinatory... Pinning a crisp metaphor to it is not a petty undertaking, either: Auditory getaway to the Unknown?

Come figure! Above all, Feathered Sun is a quasi-religious experience. It's always a ceremony. Don't miss your chance to partake in it.

Sunset to Moon Ritual

We love the Sun – as it rises in the east and sets in the west. And so not a bit less we love the Sun well away out of sight in the dark of night – rebounding to us from the Moon. Prepare yourself for it to the max following the Sunset on Thursday, July 2 Starting 6:30PM.

While the new moon phase is alleged to be the time to seed your intentions, the Full Moon urges you to take real steps in that direction – to celebrate your Emergence by dropping your burdensome old skin in favor of identity, behavior, attitude, relationship... anything that elevates you.