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NU – He Does Not Exist

The exhaustion of not knowing anything about NU the person is tiring and very hard on the nerves. Every hour spent searching on line for a bit of information to no avail gets you weaker. Upon failure growing with each step so miserable, you catch yourself thinking how dismal, how heavy it is to listen to NU’s mix and another one and more to come – the whole sequence looped to never end the indulgence – and to know virtually nothing of the individual behind his music.


Timeless Groove

Nour in the Mix

Nour has been spinning records for years – first to herself, as it goes, searching for a sound that would reverberate with her soul. She ultimately found one in between various genres, modulated by her moods. She connects to music through a myriad of influences originating from her abound personal experiences living in very different cultural and natural environments. Born Palestinian, ever since cosmopolitan... this alone speaks volumes.

Nour emerged as a consummate and inimitable stage identity first in Toronto, her more or less permanent base, then on the international scene through her involvement with a number of momentous and paradigmatic projects. PPP in Tulum (Mexico) is most notably one of them, a Caribbean brainchild of legendary Bar 25/KaterHolzig (once and to be always the case). She has been a resident with the beach club since 2012 – the one-of-a-kind open-plan venue that, through ecstatic reviews in the global Media (from Vogue to Wall Street Journal), has allegedly kick-started the development of the entire area making the small town one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

Since 2014, she has been in charge of the scene at Gitano, another and most recent gypset outpost in Tulum, booking DJs worldwide for her time-off at the decks in the jungle.

Her credo is Deep House and currently she is in the right place with it. In our Aegean seaside house we love it deep. Anything but shallow and fake. 

Master of the Ceremony: Lum

CEREMONIA528 is a weekly series of events hosted by LUM dedicated to music that is unfolding on the notion that our consciousness, our emotions, our body, as well as the lifeless matter all around us, indeed the entire universe with its planets, stars and black holes is nothing more than vibration of energy. The different rates at which all living entities and inanimate objects vibrate and reverberate with other things are their frequencies. Our brain, a generator of energy but also a receiver, tunes to these pulsations. As a biochemical response to vibes we may feel aroused, alert, concentrated, defused, relaxed, drowsy... Some frequencies exhaust us while some other make us stronger enhancing our well-being, sharpening our senses, stimulating our creativity... With a myriad of frequencies always present and some perceived, the dominant one determines our current mental states, our relation to ourselves, to others, to the world at large, feeling unity with everything and everybody or total detachment and alienation. This way we love or hate or are being indifferent – in cycles of throbbing energy per second. 528Hz is an alleged frequency of affection. Love is LUM's primary sound.

Tune to it tonight from 6PM to 2AM, mastered into the melodic down-tempo mixes by LUM (Maya for EARTH) who – on top of being an original DJ and producer – is a spiritual encounter, a ritual séance for the acquisition of essence, an anthropology, a therapy, a ceremony...

Raz Ohara: Slowing Things Down

Hailing from Denmark with Berlin as his habitat since the early 90’s, Raz Ohara has been on the scene for decades experimenting with different genres, from hip-hop to techno, before settling in one of his own invention, of an electro-acoustic variety, to a measure influenced by folk and gypsy styles and reflective of his inner universe. Hence, Raz Ohara’s last album, as all his output, is “a record of a certain time in the life of an artist … a mix of different emotions or moods.” Different as these emotions may be to each other, Moksha (LP) manifests a general mood shift in the markedly cerebral direction revealing the musician’s intention to slow things down – if only to be able to appreciate his life more: “I think I just want to find some peace after all. Not trying to push anything, really. To create an atmosphere, a place to be where things can be shared – things we still do care about…”

Auditory getaway to the Unknown

Feathered Sun is a collaborative and principally experimental project implicating a loose number of radiant talents, interconnected as much existentially, being close friends, as spiritually – asserting their metaphysical relation to the Otherworld symbolically centered around the Sun. Feathered Sun is mainly NU, Acid Pauli Chris Schwarzwälder, Raz Ohara, and Jo.Ke.

The output? Rounded as it may be, their music would not fit softly and restfully in any of the categories, piercing the horizons of a few dozen genres. Feathered Sun is predominantly electronic, yet it is emitting energies that you sense to be very human and natural; its warm luminous flux is minimal, while also tremendous; so real and so hallucinatory... Pinning a crisp metaphor to it is not a petty undertaking, either: Auditory getaway to the Unknown?

Come figure! Above all, Feathered Sun is a quasi-religious experience. It's always a ceremony. Don't miss your chance to partake in it.