Launched by Şafak Ozkutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is somewhat a nebulous entity aiming to challenge the aesthetic perceptions in electronic music conditioning the senses for appreciation of patterns which are more melodic and ethereal. Sometimes it manifests itself as a multiplicity comprised of diverse live instrumentalists; more often as a singular process behind the decks. Known for his original production and remixes, Oceanvs Orientalis dwells in the cumulative musical history of humankind feeding on the worldwide archaeology of sound and scores, in this very context believing that “everything comes from the east”. State-of-the-art electronic gadgetry is his vehicle to carry and introduce antiquated and peripheral vibes to the new and main dance floors, transforming sporadic indigenous rhythms into relatively more precise, fluent and cozy 4/4 beat assemblages. The other way round, the traditional acoustic sound which the musician frequently employs benefits his electronic output by making it less symmetric, bringing it nearer to nature, rendering it less “superhuman.” The technicalities of his style so distinctive and viable aside, Oceanvs Orientalis is a platform for expression of extra-musical ideas to include intercultural and spiritual issues.