Reportedly born to remain a child out of the passionate love affair between Silesian rocket scientist and a man with only one shoe, raised at a pet asylum by its founder and his yellow cat, Noema spent most of his early formative years obsessively listening to traditional Mongolian dance music and practicing magic from which, among other fine values, he extracted an intense desire for travel. Sailing straight into the wind, his journey into the Unknown took him from China to northern Romania. An El Dorado of occult groups, lodges and spiritualist circles back then, there he simply could not have failed to discover his talent for mediumship and to perfectly teach himself graphology, chorology, phrenology, and astrology. This sort and quality of knowledge wide-opened his eyes to many wonderful career opportunities. Self-employed for a while as a peddler, mesmerizer, quack, fortuneteller, body custodian, secretary of mind, soul minister, he then resolved to advance his mastery lifting the reliquarium of his experiences to the high-altitude level. The decision came into being in the form of a sect that he arranged and nourished above the clouds in the Carpathian Mountains.

"Until you walk the unbeaten path, you'll never know where it leads..." 

To conjugate verbs to the present tense: it is there so close to heaven and in the gentle embrace of his followers that Noema ventures to explore the universe of rhythm and other possibilities of music making. Until you walk the unbeaten path, you'll never know where it leads... Soon fully consumed by the process, he abandons his cult descending without warning or being invited upon Berlin – intuitively right place to test his newly acquired techniques, to accommodate his Dionysian spirit, to vaporize his surplus bacchanalian energies; for anyone to surprise oneself going beyond one’s own expectations and borders. 

Hence the motto: “Creating the Possibilities, Exploring the Opportunities”. Explicitly or otherwise, it imprints everything Noema has been doing ever since – his residency at Zur wilden Renate, collaborations with the likes of Apparat, Daniel Wang, Dixon, Basement Jaxx, to name some, or production to his own name, or reproductions by Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb, Axel Boman, Toby Tobias, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or support by Theo Parrish, Moodyman, Crazy P, Nature, or, out of doubt, his worldwide rituals under the signature of THE MAGIC MOVEMENT.

THE MAGIC MOVEMENT. Here it comes.