Our jumbo compendium titled Scorpios Rituals 2016 containing more than 60 profiles amply appended with biographies and multimedia would take an elephant to upload it en masse and another on the receiving end to download. We are splitting the volume in about these many lighter segments to keep you posted on what lies ahead – each bit at a time and when that time comes.

You will find some names world-renowned and resounding, some familiar from Scorpios 2015, some utterly unknown and cryptic. Sonic entertainers, auditory artistes, record collectors, sound clip archivists, sub-underground producers, beat-matchers, glitch architects, ambience alternators, random pattern catalysts, loop pathfinders, fader collaborators, semi-automatic virtuosos, vst illusionists, high-pass filter maestros, fulbright village musicologists, dehydrated desert deejays, ancestral spiritualists, magic tribalists on the move, jungle hipsters on tour, urban hustlers off the leash, air-guitar medalists on ableton, sex symbols in denial and disguise, prophets of microgroove, turntable houdinis, sultans of midi-mixing, don juans of dropping bass, love-frequency therapists, downtempo yogis, shamans of acoustic techno, disco nudists, deep house apollonians, music personifiers, unswerving sui generis, the variant combinations of all these, and more… Each comes in so many identity dimensions* .

Quantity equals quality: the next 4 months at the Sunset Terrace may easily go down in history as the most exciting "instant" ever lived through on the island.

* DJ Culture in the Mix: Power, Technology, and Social Change. 
ISBN: 978-1-62356-690-6 (hardcover).