Meet Frank Rübcke, known for his eclectic taste, sweeping collection that spans decades of obsession with music in the range from original Blues to outer space free-form Electronic, enthusiasm for exotic and quaint (not excluding downright unlistenable) stuff, across-the-board erudition in the subject, extravagant playlist arrangement techniques and his plentiful (in the same measure – outré) stage alias. Octupone is one of them.

Frank's career as a DJ stretched for more than four decades making him a true veteran on the world's scene, with the most notable references being his residency at legendary Soul Kitched (Hamburg), Mojo Club (ibid.), famed Bar Thousand (Berlin) where aside from spinning records Frank had been for years the director of programming; Amano Bar, Das Stue (Berlin), Edo (Tokyo), Mermaid Lounge (New Orleans), and Papaya Playa Project (Tulum, Mexico) which Rübcke considers his wintering base giving its beach club soul and distinctive melodic character. 

His life-long career in the club culture and his general take on music are partially captured in the video interview titled "Frank Rübcke and his Way of Music." 

DJ Octupone is with Scorpios for the summer to give it real timeless groove.