Hailing from Denmark with Berlin as his habitat since the early 90’s, Raz Ohara has been on the scene for decades experimenting with different genres, from hip-hop to techno, before settling in one of his own invention, of an electro-acoustic variety, to a measure influenced by folk and gypsy styles and reflective of his inner universe. Hence, Raz Ohara’s last album, as all his output, is “a record of a certain time in the life of an artist … a mix of different emotions or moods.” Different as these emotions may be to each other, Moksha (LP) manifests a general mood shift in the markedly cerebral direction revealing the musician’s intention to slow things down – if only to be able to appreciate his life more: “I think I just want to find some peace after all. Not trying to push anything, really. To create an atmosphere, a place to be where things can be shared – things we still do care about…”