Oceanvs Orientalis

Launched by Şafak Ozkutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is somewhat a nebulous entity aiming to challenge the aesthetic perceptions in electronic music conditioning the senses for appreciation of patterns which are more melodic and ethereal. Sometimes it manifests itself as a multiplicity comprised of diverse live instrumentalists; more often as a singular process behind the decks. Known for his original production and remixes, Oceanvs Orientalis dwells in the cumulative musical history of humankind feeding on the worldwide archaeology of sound and scores, in this very context believing that “everything comes from the east”. State-of-the-art electronic gadgetry is his vehicle to carry and introduce antiquated and peripheral vibes to the new and main dance floors, transforming sporadic indigenous rhythms into relatively more precise, fluent and cozy 4/4 beat assemblages. The other way round, the traditional acoustic sound which the musician frequently employs benefits his electronic output by making it less symmetric, bringing it nearer to nature, rendering it less “superhuman.” The technicalities of his style so distinctive and viable aside, Oceanvs Orientalis is a platform for expression of extra-musical ideas to include intercultural and spiritual issues.



Noema's Magical Moves Through Space and Time

Reportedly born to remain a child out of the passionate love affair between Silesian rocket scientist and a man with only one shoe, raised at a pet asylum by its founder and his yellow cat, Noema spent most of his early formative years obsessively listening to traditional Mongolian dance music and practicing magic from which, among other fine values, he extracted an intense desire for travel. Sailing straight into the wind, his journey into the Unknown took him from China to northern Romania. An El Dorado of occult groups, lodges and spiritualist circles back then, there he simply could not have failed to discover his talent for mediumship and to perfectly teach himself graphology, chorology, phrenology, and astrology. This sort and quality of knowledge wide-opened his eyes to many wonderful career opportunities. Self-employed for a while as a peddler, mesmerizer, quack, fortuneteller, body custodian, secretary of mind, soul minister, he then resolved to advance his mastery lifting the reliquarium of his experiences to the high-altitude level. The decision came into being in the form of a sect that he arranged and nourished above the clouds in the Carpathian Mountains.

"Until you walk the unbeaten path, you'll never know where it leads..." 

To conjugate verbs to the present tense: it is there so close to heaven and in the gentle embrace of his followers that Noema ventures to explore the universe of rhythm and other possibilities of music making. Until you walk the unbeaten path, you'll never know where it leads... Soon fully consumed by the process, he abandons his cult descending without warning or being invited upon Berlin – intuitively right place to test his newly acquired techniques, to accommodate his Dionysian spirit, to vaporize his surplus bacchanalian energies; for anyone to surprise oneself going beyond one’s own expectations and borders. 

Hence the motto: “Creating the Possibilities, Exploring the Opportunities”. Explicitly or otherwise, it imprints everything Noema has been doing ever since – his residency at Zur wilden Renate, collaborations with the likes of Apparat, Daniel Wang, Dixon, Basement Jaxx, to name some, or production to his own name, or reproductions by Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb, Axel Boman, Toby Tobias, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or support by Theo Parrish, Moodyman, Crazy P, Nature, or, out of doubt, his worldwide rituals under the signature of THE MAGIC MOVEMENT.

THE MAGIC MOVEMENT. Here it comes.



Scorpios Rituals 2016

Our jumbo compendium titled Scorpios Rituals 2016 containing more than 60 profiles amply appended with biographies and multimedia would take an elephant to upload it en masse and another on the receiving end to download. We are splitting the volume in about these many lighter segments to keep you posted on what lies ahead – each bit at a time and when that time comes.

You will find some names world-renowned and resounding, some familiar from Scorpios 2015, some utterly unknown and cryptic. Sonic entertainers, auditory artistes, record collectors, sound clip archivists, sub-underground producers, beat-matchers, glitch architects, ambience alternators, random pattern catalysts, loop pathfinders, fader collaborators, semi-automatic virtuosos, vst illusionists, high-pass filter maestros, fulbright village musicologists, dehydrated desert deejays, ancestral spiritualists, magic tribalists on the move, jungle hipsters on tour, urban hustlers off the leash, air-guitar medalists on ableton, sex symbols in denial and disguise, prophets of microgroove, turntable houdinis, sultans of midi-mixing, don juans of dropping bass, love-frequency therapists, downtempo yogis, shamans of acoustic techno, disco nudists, deep house apollonians, music personifiers, unswerving sui generis, the variant combinations of all these, and more… Each comes in so many identity dimensions* .

Quantity equals quality: the next 4 months at the Sunset Terrace may easily go down in history as the most exciting "instant" ever lived through on the island.

* DJ Culture in the Mix: Power, Technology, and Social Change. 
ISBN: 978-1-62356-690-6 (hardcover).



The Sun is Calling

The Sun is calling. Let the journey begin! Come to celebrate our first sunset in 2016. Starting now and riding beyond into the night!


May 2016. Until then!

Dear Friends,

This is to tell you we are closed for the season. Thank you for making the time so special, so exciting and so memorable. For making the project possible! All our effort -- tremendous as it has been -- would be futile without you actively appreciating the results, without you being our guests and supporters, without your good vibes. Thank you for bringing Scorpios to life and breathing so much soul into it!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2016!


NU – He Does Not Exist

The exhaustion of not knowing anything about NU the person is tiring and very hard on the nerves. Every hour spent searching on line for a bit of information to no avail gets you weaker. Upon failure growing with each step so miserable, you catch yourself thinking how dismal, how heavy it is to listen to NU’s mix and another one and more to come – the whole sequence looped to never end the indulgence – and to know virtually nothing of the individual behind his music.


Scorpios 2016 Summer Jobs

Why pretend to be a superhero or diva if it can be your job! Fun as it may be working at the club (which is anything but commonplace), it is also a great challenge. Pick one and shine with us. Or do your friends a favor -- share!!! Scorpios is hiring for the 2016 Season.


For more information:

Carolin Saage: The Eyes of Scorpios

Carolin Saage: The Eyes of Scorpios

With so many photographers out there with skills substituted and virtually eradicated by fully-automatic gadgetry, it is harder than ever to stand your own ground, to believe in your own vision, to listen to and hear your own voice. But somehow, paradoxically, it's not a huge issue for Carolin Saage, if at all. Caro's artistic self-confidence and the quality of her work obtains largely from her being in the right place at the right time. 

Scorpios is What you Make of It

Ioannis Martinis is a lawyer, founder and editor of Elusive Magazine . Our guest with a camera is also a self-proclaimed "aesthetic fundamentalist" -- his Instagram reveals. The ism we can relate to is of this kind. Good morning!

Here is some music to it. 

Mykonos at a Distance

Some of you should perhaps postpone watching this video until Spring when Mykonos opens for the season. It's so well produced with the scenes in it so alluring, this postcard may make your waiting for the moment next year deeply insufferable :)