Our Program

Mindfulness and music are two conduits through which we aim for higher spiritual awareness and deeper introspective and interpersonal connections.


Music Rituals

Music can be a gateway to spiritual transcendence, profound realization, and deeper interpersonal connections. As Scorpios continues to bring disparate musical traditions together for cross-cultural experimentation, both underground artists and established names are finding novel ways to express themselves. This season, Scorpios keeps this idea at the forefront, with each music ritual being full of potential — both for the artist and the audience.

Inner Gardens

A constant exploration of mind-body wisdom, creative expression, and positive transformation through movement, meditation, listening, and learning from our community of experts from various traditions and disciplines—this is the Scorpios ethos that guides our daily lives.

There are myriad conduits through which one can introspect, connect, and learn about mindfulness practices old and new. It takes patience, a keen ear, and the openness to connect with one’s body, mind, and the fellow spirits around you.

More on a newly imagined program and dedicated location soon.

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