Found on a reserved rocky peninsula protruding into the Aegean Sea and shaping two natural beauties, Paraga and Kavos lagoons, Scorpios is a beach club with the reputation of a high-bohemian enclave and sophisticated modern agora. It differentiates itself from other venues on the island and at large on many counts but most notably through its music addressed to connoisseurs and the genuinely curious rather than feeding on hormonal mainstream and back into mass euphoria. We like it sometimes slow, at times vigorous, but always smart and cordial. Our cultural policy is steered by desire to comprehend music in all its unpredictability and multiplicity of styles, to feel into and absorb the subtleties of each, to enrich ourselves aesthetically, to enlighten others, and to transform the club scene augmenting it with another dimension, spiritual and erudite one. 

In developing our concept, we deliberately abstain from seductive influence of big names and skip out on charts banked on airplays, sales and other abstract numbers. Instead, through personal research stepping deep into subterranean currents, we reach for the original forms uncontaminated by hype and unstained with self-conceit. We bring back to the surface those which implore light as much as they deserve it to shine – authentic gems for you to be first to applaud to into the future... To hold them in your senses briefly before they ascend to the stars where, we think, they truly belong.