Blond:ish presents: Abracadabra with Bloem, special guest Chaim

Stop counting time, forget it’s Thursday and go with the flow which has its own pulse and cadence to modulate your heartbeat; to expand or condense your perceptions. Deep Playa is a nod of welcome to the masters and prodigies of tech-tinged psychedelic house ripened in the primordial dead-dry dust under the scorching Black Rock sun. Enough said.

A carnival for your spirit
ABRACADABRA is a spectacular fusion of music, mischief and mayhem. Born in Tulum in 2017, by four friends. BLOND:ISH, BLOEM and Liana Hillison came together with the intention of combining the ancient wisdom of ABRACADABRA with a modern-day philosophy of creation.
Let’s evolve together

BLOND:ISH has more fun. Since 2010, the Canadian-born producer/DJ duo have been traveling around the planet sharing their other-worldly sounds. Formed by Anstascia and Vivie-Ann, BLOND:ISH moves us with their genre-bending dance music, letting their creations evolve live as their new interests inspire them. Under one name, BLOND:ISH has released music ranging from a Depeche Mode remix to their unexpectedly down-tempo debut album 'Welcome to the Present' on  Kompakt Records. Get ready to be unprepared. Their sets are multi-sensory and multi-dimensional, crafted out of a wild mix of sounds.

Blending sounds of her native South Africa with deep tech-house beats, Bloem aims to elevate dancefloors around the world to a state of positive energy and movement. Along with musical friends Blond:ish and Liana Hillison, Bloem co-founded the Abracadabra record label and event brand. Her album is scheduled for release this summer through ABRACADABRA Records, along with a number of other exciting releases to come this year.

Chaim was a pioneer on Israel’s electronic music scene before breaking out onto the international stage with tracks such as “Love Rehab” and “Blue Shadow”. Having already released on an array of labels including BPitch Control, Rumors, and Supplement Facts, Chaim is now focusing on honing his sound and making his live shows more immersive—a creative process which has evolved since playing clubs such as Fabric in London, Panorama Bar in Berlin, and Output in New York.


In his decades long career, Athenian-born LANNKA has always been drawn to creating music whose melody and harmony takes listeners on a dance-floor adventure. But it’s his collaboration with fellow Greek DJ Valeron—under the label Bercana,—with global musical influences that can truly be described as transcendental.