BLOND:ISH presents ABRACADABRA with Bloem

Stop counting time, forget it’s Thursday and go with the flow which has its own pulse and cadence to modulate your heartbeat; to expand or condense your perceptions. Deep Playa is a nod of welcome to the masters and prodigies of tech-tinged psychedelic house ripened in the primordial dead-dry dust under the scorching Black Rock sun. Enough said.

A carnival for your spirit
ABRACADABRA is a spectacular fusion of music, mischief and mayhem. Born in Tulum in 2017, by four friends. BLOND:ISH, BLOEM and Liana Hillison came together with the intention of combining the ancient wisdom of ABRACADABRA with a modern-day philosophy of creation.
Let’s evolve together

BLOND:ISH has more fun. Since 2010, the Canadian-born producer/DJ duo have been traveling around the planet sharing their other-worldly sounds. Formed by Anstascia and Vivie-Ann, BLOND:ISH moves us with their genre-bending dance music, letting their creations evolve live as their new interests inspire them. Under one name, BLOND:ISH has released music ranging from a Depeche Mode remix to their unexpectedly down-tempo debut album 'Welcome to the Present' on  Kompakt Records. Get ready to be unprepared. Their sets are multi-sensory and multi-dimensional, crafted out of a wild mix of sounds.


Blending sounds of her native South Africa with deep tech-house beats, Bloem aims to elevate dancefloors around the world to a state of positive energy and movement. Along with musical friends Blond:ish and Liana Hillison, Bloem co-founded the Abracadabra record label and event brand. Her album is scheduled for release this summer through ABRACADABRA Records, along with a number of other exciting releases to come this year.