DEEP PLAYA with Keinemusik – Rampa, &Me and Lannka

Stop counting time, forget it’s Thursday and go with the flow which has its own pulse and cadence to modulate your heartbeat; to expand or condense your perceptions. Deep Playa is a nod of welcome to the masters and prodigies of tech-tinged psychedelic house ripened in the primordial dead-dry dust under the scorching Black Rock sun. Enough said.

Since 2009, Keinemusik has provided an infrastructure for emerging house and techno artists to widen their listening sphere, including names such as Catz 'N Dogz, Edu Imbernon, Till von Sein, Nic Fanciulli, and Adam Port. Tonight they welcome Rampa and &Me, two heavy-hitting members of the Kleinemusik d.i.y. cosmos.

In his decades long career, Athenian-born LANNKA has always been drawn to creating music whose melody and harmony takes listeners on a dance-floor adventure. But it’s his collaboration with fellow Greek DJ Valeron—under the label Bercana,—with global musical influences that can truly be described as transcendental.