DEEP PLAYA with Rampue, Lum, NINZE & OKAXY

Stop counting time, forget it’s Thursday and go with the flow which has its own pulse and cadence to modulate your heartbeat; to expand or condense your perceptions. Deep Playa is a nod of welcome to the masters and prodigies of tech-tinged psychedelic house ripened in the primordial dead-dry dust under the scorching Black Rock sun. Enough said.

With undefinable DJ sets that meander between genres with soulful vocals, tribal rhythms, deep basslines, and sharp high hat-driven beats, Rampue’s talents have taken him from his Berlin bedroom to the stages of Burning Man and beyond.

Having grown up imbibing the indigenous cultures of Mexico’s Riviera Maya and his native Argentina, Lum conceptually explores the confluences and diffluences of ancient and contemporary civilizations with electronic beats, jungle sounds, and traditional instruments. He invites his denizens to leave the dance floor and dance under the stars.

Atmospheric, bassy, and laden with intricacy, the music of NINZE & OKAXY takes audiences across an unchartered soundscape known by those in the know as “Ketapop.” Occasionally sampling cosmic sounds to keep the audience in existential suspense, NINZE & OKAXY are part of the Laut&Luise family and preside over the experimental music and art label, The Circl.