SCORPIOS WORLD with Valeron (live) and Vasilis Saleas & Band

Each Saturday, Scorpios World, hosted by Valeron, cultivates a global sound and samples traditional instrumental styles from Greece, the global south, and beyond.

An omnipresent hero of the local scene, Valeron combines traditional Greek instruments with electronic beats. Recently, he has been exporting his skills internationally through bookings in South Africa, Germany, and Switzerland.

Vassilis Saleas is one of Greece’s top clarinet players, performing with such names as Mikis Theodorakis, Dionisis Savopoulas, and Stamatis Spanoudakis. Along with his band, he aims to educate listeners on the traditional elements of Greek folk music while demonstrating his virtuoso skills.


In his decades long career, Athenian-born LANNKA has always been drawn to creating music whose melody and harmony takes listeners on a dance-floor adventure. But it’s his collaboration with fellow Greek DJ Valeron—under the label Bercana,—with global musical influences that can truly be described as transcendental.