HORIZON with Alkemy Showcase – Sainte Vie, Spaniol, Giovanny Aparicio

Tuesday isn’t just another day but the day with a vibrant night on the horizon. It unfolds with high-pitch cheers and chants to sunset, transposing – with dusk falling – down into whoops and applause to our electroacoustic deep house daimons one by one taking and changing shapes on stage.

With a multicultural sound that’s a biproduct of their Mexican, Brazil, and Colombian roots, the New York City-based Alkemy Showcase are all making their marks—individually and as a trio—on the global electronic music scene. The collective comprises Sainte Vie, who founded the Akumandra record label to give a platform for emerging electro talent; Spaniol, a revered figure in Brazil’s avant-garde scene; and Giovanny Aparicio, whose talents have pushed him onto the international stage and into a resident position at Burning Man’s Ibiza camp.