HORIZON with Satori (live) and Milo Häfliger

Tuesday isn’t just another day but the day with a vibrant night on the horizon. It unfolds with high-pitch cheers and chants to sunset, transposing – with dusk falling – down into whoops and applause to our electroacoustic deep house daimons one by one taking and changing shapes on stage.

Drawing upon a range of rich-sounding instruments such as the piano, the kora, the kalimba, and the guitar, Satori adds texture and more than a dash of spirituality to trance-inspired beats. Ultimately, Satori aims to create a dancefloor void of chaos in a hyperkinetic world, a spiritual journey through an infinite sound garden.

Taking the audience on a voyage of the viscera through music, Milo Häfliger creates atmospheric electronic sets characterized mainly by 4/4 time signatures and futuristic synth bass. Milo Häfliger releases music under Sparklers Tribe, Zero, and Clandestine Artists.