HORIZON with Armen Miran and Rey & Kjavik

Tuesday isn’t just another day but the day with a vibrant night on the horizon. It unfolds with high-pitch cheers and chants to sunset, transposing – with dusk falling – down into whoops and applause to our electroacoustic deep house daimons one by one taking and changing shapes on stage.

Revered for his ability to whisk up dance-floor frenzies with a unique concoction of ambient deep house and Armenian folktronica, Armen Miran draws upon a number of worldly influences to inform his own sound. Despite making his name on Armenia’s underground scene, Armen Miran now lives and produces in L.A.

After being thrust into the limelight by record labels Kindisch and Get Physical in 2012, Frankfurt-bred Rey & Kjavik has proved his mettle on dancefloors the world over while remaining impossible to compartmentalize into one electronic genre. His recent transition into house music has left those in the know wondering where he’s heading next.


An omnipresent hero of the local scene, Valeron combines traditional Greek instruments with electronic beats. Recently, he has been exporting his skills internationally through bookings in South Africa, Germany, and Switzerland.