No day is as mundane as Monday? Inspired by the esoteric myth of Thelema, the program animates it with jolly deviant beats and quirky melodies. Maestro Rico Loop chases fugitive sounds sampling strange noises and cryptic voices; weaves them into an intricate aural tapestry. Enwrapped in it, try to escape and you fail.

Rico Loop collects sound samples from the world around him, using whatever he can get his hands on, from bicycles he passes on the street in his hometown of Berlin to the glass bottle he’s just emptied. With instrumental flair and a talent for beatboxing, Rico layers sound upon sound to create a palimpsest of overlapping loops that swells in complexity and danceability..


In his decades long career, Athenian-born LANNKA has always been drawn to creating music whose melody and harmony takes listeners on a dance-floor adventure. But it’s his collaboration with fellow Greek DJ Valeron—under the label Bercana,—with global musical influences that can truly be described as transcendental.