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Trailblazing artist, Orkhan, and Scorpio’s very own Music Director, Lannka, co-create a new artwork in the Relic series that looks to eastern cultural heritage and tapestries, using physical data sculptures and paintings. Lanka’s modern interpretation of ancient rhythms and folkloric sounds, together with Orkhan’s AI-driven art practice, create a forward-looking collaboration with roots that extend deep into the past.

Orkhan Mammadov is a pioneering media artist who emerged on the international scene after representing Azerbaijan in the 2019 Venice Biennial. He uses patterns and carpet illustrations as a dataset in his AI and machine learning-driven digital and physical artworks —consisting of data sculptures and paintings. His work reflects on rapid and chaotic global technological changes by rethinking Middle Eastern art and cultural heritage. Orkhan has exhibited at Art Dubai, Art Basel Miami Beach, and Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennale, among a number of other international biennales and fairs.



 Producer, DJ and Scorpios Music Director, Lannka, brings ancient rhythms and folkloric sounds into his organic house music. His signature combination of digital and analog sounds, create a colorful musical experience, blending traditional percussion, folk music, and electronic beats.