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Jason Sims

Artist Jason Sims collaborates with musician Satori, to create a light-mediated exploration of natural systems. With Jason’s light sculptures evoking meditative interpretations of space and form, and Satori’s otherworldly sound exploring diverse cultural influences, the two conjure up a transcendent artistic experience.

Contemporary Australian artist Jason Sims uses light and reflection to create sculptural works, large-scale installations, and public art that create illusions of form and space. His work investigates the interconnectedness of the internal and external, the physical and psychological, as well as natural systems and geometric forms found in nature to evoke the sublime. He is most interested in deconstructing perceived physical limitations and facilitating a meditative response. Jason’s work is held in public and private collections around the world, and he has exhibited in exhibitions and art fairs across the USA, Hong Kong, the UK, and Europe.



Satori is the moniker of Dutch music producer and DJ, Djordje Petrovic. His innovative blend of groove-laden electronica and live instrumentals — courtesy of a keyboard, drum computer, flute, and synth — means that every live show is a blank slate and a new musical journey.Satori’s music will resonate with artist Jason Sims’ meditative work that explores light and reflection.