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Ivona Tau

Leading AI artist, Dr. Ivona Tau, and musician Jean Claude Ades, find inspiration close to Scorpios in Island Illusions: Aegan Echoes. Their collaborative artwork is inspired by the potent essence of the Greek archipelago, specifically Mykonos. Combining Jean Claude’s eclectic beats and Ivona’s generative AI art, the work explores the dance between the sea and the coast, as the water sculpts the shoreline, altering the topography of the rocks over centuries. Ivona used AI and specially trained machine learning algorithms known as GAN models to depict the transformative power of nature.

Ivona Tau is an award-winning generative A.I. artist who works in the intersection of arts and technology, and is one of the most prominent artists on the digital collectible art scene — currently in the top 600 bestselling creators. Working with experimental photography and motion painting, she uses neural networks and code in an effort to evoke emotions and create universally relatable memories through AI tools. Ivona’s work has been showcased worldwide, including at Frieze London, Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Week Shenzhen, as well as on the world’s busiest crossroads in Times Square, and in Tokyo’s Shibuya. Her work, VISIONS: reflected was recently auctioned at Sotheby’s for more than 20 thousand dollars.



Jean Claude Ades is a French-German DJ and producer whose soulful, deep-tech house music combines global influences and has made him a Scorpios mainstay.