Spaniol is an electronic music producer, composer and musician.  He is one of the heads behind the São Paulo collective Sonido Trópico and currently amongst the most requested Brazilian artists. His music is a good mix of tropical south american beats with high influence on Brazilian tones.

Tribal Waters

Aguas Tribales is a gathering embodying ritual, ceremony, beauty, and dance through a unique and entrancing amalgam of  traditional and modern medicine music and chants from indigenous tribes of The Americas, blended with electronic textures and beats, performed with live vocals and instruments such as flute, guitar, and percussion.

Every Wednesday at Scorpios Mykonos come join us for our sunset ocean ritual as Sirenas Celestiales guide us into the night with their unique sound and fusion of electronic medicine music.


Sirenas Celestiale

World-renowned DJ and musician Scarlett De La Torre, and performing artist and flutist Giselle FluteTrance join forces to create a captivating duo infusing ritual and indigenous culture nto the electronic scene known as Sirenas Celestiales. Both artists are classically trained musicians that have been journeying in the electronic music scene for over 15 years, and through their travels and mutual love of ceremony came together to create unique, conscious textures and fusion of tribal electronic medicine music whilst curating an alchemic experience honoring the elements and inspiring healing through powerful use of indigenous chants and ancient mantras.

Music supported by Maga Birds of Mind, NouR, Lica, Valeron, EstraY, Scarlett de la Torre