Oceanvs Orientalis is a collective formation which aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music. It may feature itself as a band or as a one-man action.  It blends itself with the archaelogic tunes of mankind’s cumulative musical history and in this very con- text believes that “everything comes from the east”. 


Nicolas Demuth, better known as Parra for Cuva, is a wildly talented young musician, having been born in West-Germany’s Cologne. Nicolas has developed an artistic and musical individuality not common in the mass of the electronic music scene. His personal catalogue has steadily shaped into a collection of slow, well-mended and melody-laden electronica that lets heart and soul dance side by side with body and brain. Studying Audio Design in Berlin, Parra For Cuva is expanding his craft. His music is like a moose of tunes and twirls, intertwining, falling apart, folding and unfolding at the same time. With collaborations on Traum Schallplatten, Delicieuse Records and the Berlin based imprint Lenient Tales, Parra for Cuva presents his individual take on electronic music in an authentic live band outfit. After the release of his debut album Majouré, Parra for Cuva kept on working on his very personal and unique sound. His second album Darwīš, which he produced together with his friend Senoy, has been released on the Berlin label Project Mooncircle in May 2016.


Duo based in Moscow.  Geju music takes us on a journey through slow house, east rituals sounds and chillrave. Welcome aboard.