Each story Gabriel Belmudes tells us is about an explorer madly in love with enchanting melodies and tribal sounds in search for meaning. As a pirate gathering treasures around the globe, he carefully collects these precious sonorities so he can share them with us. Whether he is wandering in the beautiful Mexican’s beach of Tulum, in the dusty «Black Rock City» desert trough the throbbing sound system of the «White ocean» camp,  in the endless Europe landscape or the exotic Brazil , his goal is to make people wander their minds so they can reach a state of epiphany where time no longer exist.


Armen Miran's love and passion for electronic music genres started at a very young age; spending the majority of his time at underground music scenes. His biggest influences include - Klaus Schuze, Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and Eloy to name a few. In 2006, Armen began his journey producing electronic ambient and dark techno sounds. Fast forward to 6 years later, he was booked for his very first gig at Armenia's well known underground venue called Calument, where he left the crowd speechless with his ambient/Armenian electronic folk and deep house tunes. It wasn't long before Armen Miran became the name and face of Armenia's underground music scene. Recently, Armen Miran decided to call LA his home. Keep an eye and most importantly an "ear" out for his new and original productions and massive projects in the works that are soon to be released...You are definitely in for a treat!