Be Svendsen produces an organic and nomadic style of techno. After starting his solo project in 2011 releasing a series of EPs and remixes, the ripples spread via live performances and a breakthrough into the international scene came in 2014.

While exploring a myriad of styles and musical traditions, Be’s live show-downs has developed into a melting pot of hypnotic desert-circus-shaman-cowboy-techno, incorporating elements of vocals, teased field-recordings, nostalgic samples and live instruments, mixed up with the meditative qualities of repetition.

His performance takes the audience on a deep experimental journey, providing a cinematic soundscape allowing the receivers to celebrate the light and dark parts of existence. 


I am LUM. I will always be a child. A tribute to the wisdom and medicine of the native peoples.

Born in Argentina and based in Riviera Maya, LUM has spent his life steeped in indigenous cultures. This is reflected in his music which is equal parts electronic and world music. The end result is more magical than anything else.

LUM is above all a spiritual encounter, a ritual séance for the acquisition of one’s essence, a ceremony. In a way, it's also a therapy alleviating personal sorrows and, well, by extension, mitigating the civilizational predicaments. To a certain degree, it's a course in tribal culturology. Fundamentally, it is LUM's dream. 

Leave the dance floor and dance under the stars. Live the Jungle


Music takes people to places where they can walk through their emotions and finally lay their bodies down on them.  Places where rewinding, pausing and forwarding the journey of life becomes possible at least for a few minutes. Where inspiration and the courage to follow the restless urges of intuition extend that journey to the deepest fathoms of life. 
Music is the substance that transports beings to places that otherwise would remain sunk under the violent tides of time. As a music producer -at once an architect of sound and a most zealous worshipper of the musical arts- I strive to create and inhabit that place I now call Sainte Vie.