San Francisco-based producer and long time dance music veteran, Behrouz Nazari is difficult to label as he reflects the music he creates and spins. 

Behrouz is a highly respected DJ, recognized worldwide for his groundbreaking headlining sets around the world but mostly in Ibiza and on the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man.

Step into the world of Behrouz !


Viken Arman, along with a generation of like-minded artists, is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future, but also towards the past. Fusing ancient melodies with electronic beats to create magical vibes that go beyond dance music brings rich cultures together in mystical musical journeys.

As a musician, Arman has a rich background of influences growing up with jazz and classical music.

His knowledge of piano as well as his time at the music conservatory contributed to his wide musical culture. He draws influence from a very versatile music background from Keith Jarett, Erik Satie, Bill Evans, Jay Dilla, Ricardo Villalobos to the Arabic diva Oum Khalthoum. This is not quite your standard iTunes playlist.

When he’s not making music, Viken focuses his energy to support and nurture this particular and rich music scene even further. After being active several years on the French scene, he just founded Denature Record which, as he describes it, is more than just a label but more of a family of artists. He also pledged to support young and upcoming talents from around the world as well as organizing his own events with “SOUQ”.

As an artist, Viken is really close to this roots & history. «Never forget, never, but stay turned towards the future, rebuild yourself and go forward» he said regarding TIME, the 100 mns musical creation he composed for the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

Viken Arman just released his very own EP ‘Sireli’ on the Denature Records and it’s everything we wanted it to be. A magical ride of grooves and melodies taking us on a journey across cultures and years. With its jazzy yet ethnic but electronic vibes, Sireli is a timeless classic EP from Viken Arman, expect to hear it a lot in the upcoming year if you choose your dancefloors correctly. 


Berlin based DJ and producer POWEL is the author of stellar remixes and productions of incredible musicality. His signature rhythms, percussion work and captivating atmospheres have the amazing ability to take you into the depth of aural pleasure.


An expert at creating harmonious illusions of sound, Germany’s POWEL always finds a way to thread together natural elegance and tasteful patience in music. 
Having learned the piano at a young age and subsequently performed regularly with bands and even an orchestra, POWEL's palette of music has a vast and thorough foundation that is influenced by the people and places he comes across during his visits. Th sound artist's unique touch as a musician is heard by how he captures warm, celestial vibes filled with airy atmospheres together with delicate rhythms and tells a melancholic story fused with ghostly, low slung cuts that are rich with nuance and subtlety. 
POWEL steadily explores this duality in sounds not only throughout his discography but in his performances around the world which included his inaugural debut on the ROBOT HEART bus in 2016. 

For the 2017 campaign, stops are planned for North America, South America, Asia, and Africa as well as his residencies with the ALL DAY I DREAM family around renowned guru LEE BURRIDGE, BEHROUZ’ intimate home in Miami, DO NOT SIT ON THE FURNITURE, and one of the finest institutions in New York City, BESPOKE MUSIK. On the production front, eager ears will be treated to new EPs on the horizon in addition to an upcoming remix on SABO's imprint SOL SELECTAS coming in Spring. 

It’s rare to hear an artist so intimately blur the line between uplifting pieces of music and raw, emotive records that exude the soul of deep house in some of its purest forms. A true artist in every sense of the word, POWEL’s genius for storytelling is always a special affair for the enthusiast.