Dj and Producer Sabo is an essential artist in the global dance music community. His sound is inspired by his extensive world travels, and will take you on a mystical journey that crosses several musical borders.  His innovative approach to each DJ set makes him a consistent stand out at festivals and gatherings around the globe, and as the creator of Sol Selectas Records, he is known for his dynamic vision and refined taste.


Be Svendsen produces an organic and nomadic style of techno.
After starting his solo project in 2011 releasing a series of EPs and remixes, the ripples spread via live performances and a breakthrough into the international scene came in 2014.

While exploring a myriad of styles and musical traditions, Be’s live show-downs has developed into a melting pot of hypnotic desert-circus-shaman-cowboy-techno, incorporating elements of vocals, teased field-recordings, nostalgic samples and live instruments, mixed up with the meditative qualities of repetition.

His performance takes the audience on a deep experimental journey, providing a cinematic soundscape allowing the receivers to celebrate the light and dark parts of existence. 



Zakir, dj and producer from russia, started his career as a dj in 2003. progressive house, tribal and latino house - It was these styles of electronic music that laid the foundation for his musical taste. he plunged into studio work for producing of his own tracks and remixes. meticulous attitude to forming of sets and tracks, like the narration of a fairy tale, love to music rich with percussions, live instruments , weaving of exciting melodies and special beauty of a selected material - this is what zakir is guided by


Birds of Mind is the collaboration of a Parisian based duo of dj/producers. Together they compose a genre of music which is electronic, mostly nourished by the exploration of organic sounds and hypnotic beats. Their music offers a spiritual, peaceful and loving feeling, always uplifting and close to the goodwill of nature.