CONCRET is an art & music project founded and directed by Italo-Mexican musician, DJ and artist Diego Angelico Escobar, produced together with Italian sound designer and keyboardist Q-pha. The project was born when the two began working together in 2012 on material for Diego’s urban soundscapes art project, which was presented in New York City’s 3rd Ward Gallery. From that point on, they decided to start producing club tracks with a unique and very personal approach. Their sound mixes house beats with dark Spanish vocals, techno atmospheres with disco synths, and deep bass sounds with ethnic percussions.


Estray - An animal that has escaped from its owner; a wandering animal whose owner is unknown.

Vid is a free spirit and a nomad, travelling together with his music for the last 10 years, he has visited and played in many different countries all over the world. His music is a cultural journey experience with downtempo beats; spiritual chants; multicultural, dope folk influences and a touch of middle eastern ritual melodies.


Robbin was born in the southern town of Ystad, Sweden. Running around doing flips and cartwheels was combined with playing the French horn in an orchestra and drumming in a hardcore punk band. After music high school Crussen was away from it for a few years until he picked it up again when he moved to Oslo, Norway in 2005. Producing became a daily activity as two years of sound design studies in Oslo lead to a bachelor in Popular Music and Record Production in Southampton, UK.