Dj and Producer Sabo is an essential artist in the global dance music community. His sound is inspired by his extensive world travels, and will take you on a mystical journey that crosses several musical borders.  His innovative approach to each DJ set makes him a consistent stand out at festivals and gatherings around the globe, and as the creator of Sol Selectas Records, he is known for his dynamic vision and refined taste.


Berge Sahakian AKA Goldcap's roots in music have been based in an eclectic pool of genres since his earliest years. His unique approach to electronic music incorporates an organic vibe, drawing upon several influences from classic rock, traditional indian, orchestra, and reggae, to west-african, and middle-eastern styles of music. He often incorporates an array of samples from poetry, films, ambient sounds, and spoken word, into his inspiring DJ sets. 


An international force and shapeshifting duo, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”) unites Italian producer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Tooker and Canadian DJ/fashion designer Shawna Hofmann into a genre defying electronic sound that showcases their pioneering talent and global inspiration. KMLN creates an astonishing trip through time and music, blending elements of deep house/techno and global/future bass, moving through tempos with layers of intricate lush melodies, rolling basslines and organic rhythms.