A B R A C A D A B R A.  

A musical journey showcasing timeless talent. A carnival for your spirit.

A creation of curiosities and A cabaret of oddities.

Created by dj/producers BLOND:ISH, who came together with the intention to combine ancient wisdoms with modern day philosophies; To spark a way of life shaped by conscious intentions surrounded by community and bring together a global creative collective inspired by the unknown.



As members of the notorious Kompakt family, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have carved out a niche thanks to their original sound and outrageous, fun-loving attitude. Their undying love for music demonstrates that, where words fail, BLOND:ISH's music speaks.


BLOND:ISH discovered Bahramji in 2014 at a tantra festival when he was performing during a sound meditation. Bahramji has had many accomplishments, including spending over 30 years in India as OSHO’s personal musician. His mesmerizing voice and santur wizardry can be heard throughout their album 'Welcome to the Present'.


Born in South Africa, BLOEM is greatly influenced and inspired by the sounds from her roots in Africa, she plays a unique fusion of african, ethnic & indigenous rhythms tastefully blended with electronic & disco. 

After 6 years and her recently launched project, she is now creating her own original material due to be released in 2017. 

Music to Move, Move to Music. 


Scarlett de la Torre is a multi-faceted global nomad, DJ, musician, performer, travel influencer, and tastemaker of fashion. Diversity and musical adventure are the essence of the code of Scarlett. She has spent over a decade as a DJ and performer in the international club scene, with performances on the Robot Heart bus in Burning Man.

She is currently campaigning for her next mission to support refugees of war through music at the Elpida Home charity in Thessaloniki.


Born in Paris Salomé has spent her life as a passionate music devotee. She began her world music education at record shops, concerts, and clubs across Paris when she was very young.

In recent years, Salomé has worked in New York as talent buyer for the promotor BABËL NY . This eventually led to a natural transition for her to become a music selector from behind the decks as a DJ.

Salomé officially launched her carrier as a DJ at Burning Man when she played at Zoo Camp and Monkey Love.