ALKEMY is a music collective based out of NYC that focuses on promoting and releasing quality multicultural-electronic music journies. 

We don’t chase trends, we focus on a fusion of deep electronic roots marked with sounds of diverse cultures. 

Our artists are known for producing music that guides listeners through a journey making their mind travel. 

Our goal is to nurture our fan base and be good to our artists.


Sainte Vie is a young Mexican electronic music producer, mixing engineer, and founder of record label Akumandra. He resides in NYC.

He is at once a music producer, an architect of sound and a most zealous worshipper of the musical arts.


Giovanny Aparicio is a DJ and producer of electronic music, born in Cali, Colombia.

During him 20 year artistic career, he has managed to consolidate himself as one of the best exponents of this genre in Colombia, Central America and Latin America.


Spaniol is an electronic music producer, composer and musician.  He is one of the heads behind the São Paulo collective Sonido Tropico and currently amongst the most requested Brazilian artists. His music is a good mix of tropical south american beats with a high influence of Brazilian tones.