Special event to support refugees in Greece

On August 12th, Ceremonia's sunset to evening rituals will be dubbed 'Good JuJu' -- an effort by Scorpios and Caravan Gitane to create an evening that will generate positive karma for all participants. Scorpios' serpentine terraces, emerging from rocky crevices, will be transformed into stages of exuberant theater that inspire a multi-dimensional world of play. Please wear inspired dress and sincerely immerse yourself in body painting, sound tuning, dance, yoga or any action that evokes joy-- all while guided by the rhythmic sonic gifts of our hermanos, NUM (NU + LUM).

Our shared experience will support the heroic work of ERCI - Emergency Response Centre International and their expansion into self-starting education for refugee youth. 100% of all donations will support a mobile learning unit that will travel between camps near Thessaloniki, Greece as it teaches children to transform their stories of tragedy into one of resilience. Join the healing.