Robbin van der Crussen AKA Crussen is a Swedish producer and DJ known for his energetic, good vibe-spreading Scandinavian folk and piano pieces; all infused by his signature electronic soundscapes and infectious grooves.

With popular track Beat Från Utanmyra, Crussen brings an old traditional Swedish folk song into the realm of club music. 

Fulltime DJ since 2009, Crussen is now a known name on the club scene of Oslo where he frequently plays at the clubs Gudruns and Karusell. 

His sets and original tracks are approachable while entirely unique and cutting edge. His remix of Theme for Namgar stopped me in my tracks as something truly different from the zeitgeist of modern electronic music. His mixes have been some of my all time favorites over the

last few years, he appeals to music lovers spanning many genres – a Crussen set is perfect for so many occasions.

NobodyNu - NU's new project

NobodyNu is a fresh exploration into a multi-faceted character. A nomad of modern times who has traveled the continents with his music, Nu is as diverse in his musical styles. Taking influences from his various homes, the producer and sound engineer has branched out into several genres. Through his years-long journey, a new experience has naturally emerged from the sonic priest: NobodyNu-- an amalgamation of all the sounds and rhythms for which Nu has served as conduit.

Come to Scorpios on Thursday July 28th, for the debut of NU's new music project: NobodyNu