It is said, The Magic Movement comes from a place beyond the border, where animals can talk and the trees are made of poetry. Since their arrival, this international family of like minded artists celebrates transcultural songs and dances from all over the world and mix it with Downbeat, House and Techno.

With a deep understanding of their musical roots, the movement departs from traditional paths and move on their own tropical way, to find new forms of expression and offer a fresh approach to club music. Their musical cosmos is rich in percussions and organic sounds, using ethnic elements and complex instrumentation to create extraordinary psychedelic tableaus. Every release is carefully crafted and reflects their love to the detail.

On their events, The Magic Movement offers an sensual alternative to the common clubbing routine, a world full of wonders, where freedom and individuality is celebrated in an hedonistic and intimate climate.

We are happy to welcome headman Noema, and his international brothers Oceanvs Orientalis from Turkey and Carrot Green from Brazil at Scorpios!

Together with Design Hotels™ community we are celebrating Original Experiences, the extraordinary, the unexpected – moments that move your soul or alter your mind.


Resident of Salon zur Wilden Renate, his sets of are well known for their absorbing dramaturgy which takes the dancer through various tempos and styles to dionysian frenzy. You may ask yourself: How does Noema always manage to set the club on fire? Is it that notorious and vertiginous hip-shake? His magic mixing skills and selection? Or perhaps his sexy, deep and hypnotic sound: A unique blend of scandalous disco, psychedelic percussion and bouncy house –combined in a highly energetic mix? You never know…


This One-man-Orchestra from Istanbul takes you on a mystical journey down the Silkroad, where slow timeless jams meet hypnotic club killers. On percussive foundation, Oceanvs Orientalis mixes traditional eastern instruments and chants with House and Techno, never leaving the dance floor out of sight. By melting Oriental History into modern Beats, he creates a whole new sonic universe: Contemporary Eurasian Dance Music.


Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Carrot Green brings a wide view upon the dance music scene, blending classic jams from his home country with beats from around the world. Strains of Techno, Slo-House and old school Disco all find their own place in his sets.