DJ and Producer William Sabatini, aka DJ Sabo, is a staple in the global dance music community. Heavily influenced by a multitude of cultures from around the world, Sabo’s sound holds much of his intrigue. His productions take you along a journey into sound, a sonic landscape that crosses several musical borders with mixtures of tropical poly-rhythms, warm bass frequencies, rich percussion, lush tribal vocals, and smooth organic textures. When listening you will undoubtedly find yourself resonating with his intention, imagining yourself dancing in an Amazon rainforest or on a beach during a Myconian sunset ;)


LA based artist Berge Sahakian AKA Goldcap has been providing the latest in Deep, Tech, and Techno since 2008. Best known for his mix series entitled "The Crescent Moon" and his diverse sampling skills, Goldcap always looks to expand his horizons into a truly tribal-based sound which cuts to the core of electronic music. 

Living in Tulum and born in Argentina, LUM has spent much of his life steeped in indigenous cultures, discovering, learning, recording and creating music. His output is a well-balanced amalgamation of ethno and house soaked in the sound of the ancient cultures.

Here the compilation we celebrate. Have a listen.