Launched by Pierre Bousquet and Thomas Murphy, two good friends who have always been engaged behind the scene of electronic music in France, South America and the United States, Platon is a record label where there is more than meets the eye.  It is a festive label that finds its force in a growing aesthetic style - contemporary techno with an acoustic direction that is not afraid of exploring the sensuality of modern melancholy, a lyrical and intimate techno that is timeless with a structured narrative. 

The challenge lies in identifying the right artists to incarnate this tendency and, this week, at Scorpios we are honored to host some of the best: Thomas Murphy, Viken Arman, Praymond, Brett Longman, and Sebastien Casanova.

This Podcast was recorded in Santiago Chile in a small hotel room in the Providencia district, in 2013. After a long flight from Paris, Thomas Murphy needed to blow off some steam and prepare for a party planned for the following night. A friend came over with a turntable, so Thomas dug into his record bag as well as some - at that time - unreleased digital tracks, and proceeded to play with his laptop.

The mood of the podcast is slow pitched minimal techno mixed with “sound healing” lyrical tracks in the style of ZZK, NU, Nicolas Jaar and other less well-known artists .

This mix of slow techno and acoustic oriented down-tempo gives a modern and underground feel to the entire set. During a climax in the set, Thomas took the direction of mixing a very stripped-down rock track and add to it a Martin Buttrich hitter. This simple passage, poetic and powerful, aptly summarises the overall mood.

For Scorpios, Thomas has a lot in mind in terms of musical orientation. "The place calls for deep and meaningful set" he told us, "with a progressive structure and organic sounds".

Thomas has been carefully gathering versatile tracks over the years and the proposed lineup for this upcoming Platon records showcase this Summer is testament to his commitment to both cutting edge and generous selections.