Scorpios Bazaar


Scorpios Bazaar


Curated by Caravana, the Scorpios Bazaar carries beautiful handcrafted objects from a collection of our favorite brands.

Shop hours from 11AM to 1AM
Subject to change and seasonality



Find below a selection of the brands we sell in our shop.




Founded by Jacopo Janniello in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula before coming home to Mykonos, Caravana is an organic textile brand that aims to preserve long-practiced handiwork traditions.  The company’s artisanal garments and leather accessories are woven on pedal looms and hand knotted, frayed, and fringed by local artisans in Valladolid, Mexico using traditional Mayan techniques. Made from high quality, sensual natural fabric and soft leather that develops its own unique patina over time, the collection is versatile and, perfect for day-to-evening beachwear.



VK Lillie is a unique jewelry brand that reinterprets the ancient medicine bag, used for centuries by healers to carry sentimental personal objects, therapeutic herbs, stones, and talismans. Founded by mother-daughter team Vanessa and Kira Lillie, whose bloodline carries generations of healers, the project results in luxurious creations imbued with sincerity and designed to bring spirituality and intention to each wearer's daily life.


Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. This second collaboration with Caravana was inspired by the vision of a powerful and fearless Greek Goddess. Co-created by Ancient Greek Sandals co-founder Christina Martini and Caravana Creative Director, Jacopo Janniello, the Mykonos capsule features empowering lace-up gladiators, ankle and back strap sandals, as well as toe ring slides. The collection is enriched with gold details and luxurious peacock and pheasant feathers.