Curated by CARAVANA, Scorpios Bazaar incorporates timeless and unique pieces cultivated through brands from around the world.

As well as existing physically on Mykonos, the bazaar can also be perused from afar. Together in one digital space is a handful of select artisans and small brands specializing in clothing, jewelry, homeware, and design objects, brought together through a preference for natural materials, organic textures, traditional craftsmanship, and pieces imbued with meaning.



CARAVANA is a Mexico-based artisanal brand, inspired by the ancient Maya culture, that creates handmade ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, including a range of lifestyle products. Each garment is woven on pedal looms and hand-knotted, frayed and fringed by a community of local artisans. Continuing a promise to protect Mother Earth, CARAVANA only uses natural fabrics and fibers.

In line with Mayan cosmology, CARAVANA believes that each piece carries its own energy, the "Anima," which represents magnetism, soul, and strength.

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