PAAX (Tulum)

PAAX (Tulum)

From their native Buenos Aires to Mexico's Caribbean coast to Spain and beyond, PAAX (Tulum) take inspiration from the places through which they pass. The DJ duo have imbibed the sensory stimuli of a number of cultures β€” something that adds a unique texture to their latest E.P. Wallas

In Conversation

How would you describe your latest E.P., Wallas?
It is important to highlight the recording of organic, natural, real sounds, recorded in different parts of the world, fusing styles to come up with a unique and different sound. All the songs are surrounded by journeys with their own history, in different countries and cultures, where each anecdote is told with nuances characteristic of each place. The idea is to take you on a musical journey to experience different sensations, harmonic moments, moments of tension, of happiness, of intrigue... a total fusion like life itself. We describe the release as something unique and different, made from the heart and soul, where the human factor is reflected by the great talents that make up this album.

Is there a particular theme you want to convey in the release?
All the tracks have different stories β€” they all have their own personality, from the originals to the remixes made by great artists of different nationalities and styles. As you can see, they are each very different.
What do you feel when you listen to "good" music?
Music is our life and I don't think there are many things comparable to this, but we are always listening to something. Music is something very complex and it depends on many factors both from the creator and the listener β€” the "good" is relative. But we love to listen to music and many times it gets inside you and other times not so much. It’s about exploration and open-mindedness.

Is the timing of this release important, and do you think it would be received differently if you released it at a different time?
Yes, it's a historical moment where the world is changing, both in terms of people's perceptions and countless other aspects of life. There is a need to enjoy the present more than ever.

When you listen to music, do you try to listen to it attentively or do you have it "in the background" while you do something else? Do you think this changes the way you perceive music?
We always listen with attention, even if we are in a meeting, having dinner, or anywhere, no matter where β€” if good music is playing it attracts us more than anything else.

Have you ever been musically inspired by a taste, a smell or a sensation?
Always. The senses are connected with moments and can take you to unexpected places.


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