Kamel Jaber

Kamel Jaber

What inspired you to do what you're doing?

The honest answer is that it wasn’t a conscious choice or an immediate inspiration. Several years ago I found myself with all I ever wanted in terms of money and status, yet profoundly discontented and disconnected. There was the stirring of a deep longing for something else, though I had no idea what that something else could be. So I started to take steps, beginning to look at my patterns of behaviour and address the old wounds that were causing anger, reactivity and some questionable choices in terms of work and relationships.

I entered a process of self-discovery; along the way I ended up experimenting with different practices from around the world, and then embarking on trainings with some incredible teachers. Over time this galvanised pretty incredible shifts in how I perceive life.

Originally I did all this for myself, and then people began to notice these shifts and ask for advice. My teachers encouraged me to be more vocal. I could see that around me in my community there were many people from similar backgrounds, facing the same challenges that I had faced, wanting to transform their lives and either being afraid or not knowing where to start.

I guess my inspiration is wanting to help this community connect with the truth of who they are, to connect to their intuition, to see past the illusion that more is more, to share our abundance. I hope to serve as an example that the spiritual path doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it doesn’t have to mean retiring to a monastery - I still run businesses as well as teaching, the friends that are meant to be in my life are still in my life. The major difference is that I am deeply connected to my spirit and my decisions come from a place of service. How can I do more? Where can I change this narrative to benefit the whole rather than just myself?

What advice would you give your younger self today?

Let go of the need to have all the answers now, to have plans in place and clear trajectories. Find a practice, any practice, that will help you connect with yourself and your intuition. Then just trust life to unfold - the steps you need to take will appear as and when needed. Most importantly: have a great time! Do whatever brings you joy, completely unashamedly. Find happiness in the journey, and take risks without needing a “successful” outcome.

What do you want people to take from your work?

A complete understanding that anything is possible. We are infinitely capable of being, of creating, the life that we want. A teacher in India called Anand Mehrotra once said to our group: “There are stories that liberate, and there are stories that create bondage and suffering. Choose your story wisely. Make it a brilliant one.”

That stuck with me, and my intention is to help people create brilliance in their stories. Whether its understanding their soul’s path through my interpretation of Human Design, shifting perspectives of past events, or connecting to self through mindfulness, there are unlimited possibilities to help us let go of old stories so that we can shift the direction of our lives. The world, our communities, need us now more than ever to step into our power to co-create a new paradigm.

What are you currently listening to, reading, or watching?

The documentary “The true cost” really opened my eyes to the unseen background of the fashion industry, and completely realigned the choices I make.

I’m listening to a lot of podcasts, particularly Charles Eisenstein. His view on the situation we find ourselves in, and the crossroads we are at, inspire a lot of creativity and thought.

I’m re-reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens after 25 years, because the classics are inspiring too.

As a Kundalini teacher / soul coach, do you feel any obligations during this global pandemic?

Just an opportunity to be of service, to help people see whats happening from a different perspective. To face our mortality head on and take steps to realise our immortality. To connect with our intuition and find comfort in our ability to trust.

What do you think something like a global pandemic does to collective/individual creativity?

My feeling is that this crisis will inspire some pretty incredible innovation. The isolation, the time away from usual everyday tasks is allowing space for more creativity. When faced with such severe problems, it’s a testament to our versatility as a species that we will always find ways to create previously unimaginable solutions. I’m already noticing a big shift in the collective creative mindset - we’re moving towards more open-source, with the sharing of new ideas and concepts to serve everyone. It’s beautiful to watch the unfolding of the understanding that we’re all in this together. On a personal level its inspired me as an entrepreneur to begin to implement ideas I’ve been sitting on for a few years.

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