Holed Coin Band

Holed Coin Band

Fluctuating between downtempo and upbeat and everything in between, Holed Coin Band create soundscapes of “world music” through contrabass, the guitar, and voice—sometimes danceable, always thoughtful.

In Conversation

Somewhere between downtempo and upbeat, HoledCoin spins sounds from the world over into danceable yet thoughtful DJsets. 


What inspired you to dowhat you're doing?

My inspiration to dowhat I am doing is what I enjoy about the process. Music for me is not just afinal result—it is a process in which you can lose yourself and enjoyyourself. 


Do you think you'll everchange direction?

You can never know ifyou’ll change direction as many things can happen in life, but I do knowthat music will always accompany me.


What advice would yougive your younger self today?

Ha! Take advantage ofthe time, bro! Time goes by very fast!


Do you consider yourwork a luxury or a necessity?

I consider my work anecessity, although at the same time I enjoy it enormously.


Who/what was the lastthing that made a significant impact on your

thoughtprocesses/creative processes?

That’s a good anddifficult question. I think that everything that surrounds us influences us inour creative processes, from how crazy the world is, or even just a sound thatyou suddenly hear. During the confinement, I realized that I had a need to findmyself, I had time to analyze who I am, what I want as a musician, and where Iwant to go. I think there has been a big change in me. 


How do you keep yourselfinspired?

By listening andanalyzing the music that I love, and by disconnecting in nature orexperimenting with sounds.


What do you do whenyou're not "working"?

Climbing, trail running,mountaineering.


What do you want peopleto take from your work?

I would be enormouslyhappy if they felt what I feel with music and if they disconnected from all thebad for a few moments. I would love that.


What are you currentlylistening to, reading, or watching?

We don't have a T.V. athome, so I always end up listening to a lot of music. Lately I'm listening to alot of jazz—John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk.


Which record or artistinfluences you most?

I could not name justone. For me, that is impossible because I think there are records of manystyles that are always haunting my head and that have influenced me. If we talkabout electronic music, I think Ricardo Villalobos (and all his pseudonyms).His album Alcachofa was a giant step forward and a great influence on currentelectronic music.


Is silence important inmusic?

Silence is a part ofmusic. There is no music without silence.


What's the oldest thingyou own?

My Fender Rhodes 1973piano.


What's the mostenjoyable thing in life?

I think you have toenjoy life itself. 


What was the last lawyou broke?

I think the last law Ibroke was a parking violation. 


Do you read books madeof paper or books on digital devices? Why?

Paper. I think they haveas more identity—the shape of the book, the color, the smell of the pages...


Do you read more fictionor nonfiction?



Situation specific:

As an artist, do youfeel any obligations during this global pandemic?

We must take care of themost fragile people. We have to have empathy. We can believe or not believe inthe virus, but we owe a lot to the old population: they fought for a betterworld and we are killing this world.


Did the isolationinfluence your creative process?

Of course, it has mademe really enjoy the sound experimentation and it has helped me to producetracks that I don't even know will ever come out to see the light. I just hadfun during the process.


Name three records thathelp you through crisis times.

John Coltrane’s MyFavorite Things; Mulatu Astatke New York–Addis–London; and TheloniousMonk’s Monk’s Dream. 


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