Generally recognized as the top DJ on the island of Mykonos, Valeron is definitely one of the longest standing and most omnipresent figures of the ever-shifting local music scene.Soon after relocating to Mykonos, he became a producer releasing tracks that helped 

register his name in the Deep House and Electronic genre. This carried him through to becoming a founder of the Bercana Music label and releasing 2 personal albums already “Amare” & ‘’Aigaio’’. Valeron’s albums introduces a unique combination of traditional Greek instruments with Electronic beats.

Every Saturday at Scorpios Mykonos Valeron leads ‘’Scorpios World’’ where he performs live alongside Greek musicians of instruments such as: clarinet,Kaval,Ney,Bouzouki, Saz,Oud,Santur,Kanun and many more. With lots of originals and remixes that had climb on top of Beatport charts, on June 2019 he will release his third personal album.