Thomash is a surprising figure on the Brazilian musical scene, dj and creator of the Voodoohop Party in São Paulo. In exile in the country of Samba, Cologne born Thomash absorbed music like a sponge and transforms them blurring the frontier of styles and bpms.

Thomash’s music represents the perfect fusion between his country of origin, Germany and Brasil. His style is a crafty unpretentious mix of slow techno, krautrock, deep house, latin rhythms and tropical psychedelia.He has already played at Sónar São, the prestigious Melt! and Fusion festival in Germany and clubs and cultural events all over Brazil and

After getting a degree in Artificial Intelligence, it didn’t take long for Thomash to start playing around with new programs like Live and quickly develop his own way of mixing music. Characterized by tropical beats, irresistible groove, dub and layers of synths.