Sasha is a world-renowned teacher, healer, and energy worker with a focus on spirituality and sexuality. She is known internationally for her unique way of using orgasmic energy for healing and raising consciousness. Over her 10-year practice, focused on sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, conscious relating, and conscious lovemaking, Sasha has consulted with thousands or clients in over 50 countries across 6 continents, from sex therapists, coaches, teachers, and doctors, to scientists, CEOs, professional athletes, and celebrities. After having worked exclusively with men for eight years, she had officially opened her work to women and continues to share her wisdom globally through a variety of speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, and private sessions.

Through talks and experiential workshops, Sasha guides us to reconnect with our intrinsic nature by experiencing the natural flow of sexual energy. Utilizing our orgasmic potential and orgasmic response we are able to generate potent healing energy reminding us that being human is a loving and joyous experience to be had and shared with ourselves and the world. Sasha's work addresses the many ways we have been conditioned to function against our nature, and leads us back to what is real and essential in life. Love and Truth.